Issue 5 Open Call - Juxtapositions

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'Mint condition' is a term used to describe pre-owned goods in excellent condition. In order to achieve this level of excellence, we set out to search for the perfect team. Now a few years later, with support from all around the world, MiNT is a company with the best artisans, designers, and engineers.

ShootFilmUK have teamed up with MiNT to share the fantastic camera that is the MiNT SLR670-s. The SLR670-s combines the manual shutter speed functionality of the SLR670m with the easiness of the 670α allowing you to take more control of your camera.

Image: MiNT

Image: MiNT

SLR670-s Features:

  • 16 Manual Settings on Time Machine

  • Shoot both SX-70 & 600 Film with A100 & A600 mode

  • Less Camera Shake

  • Better Results

  • Indoor Shooting

  • Long Exposures / Light Painting

To find out more and to explore MiNT's full camera range click HERE.


Silberra Film company was established in Spring 2017 in Russia by Vladimir Vishnevsky and Konstantin Shabanov after manufacturing chemicals for analogue photography since 2009. On 25th October 2017 the duo began a campaign via IndieGoGo announcing three new 35mm (135) black and white film stocks and new photographic papers for amateurs and professionals. The film stocks they have developed include PAN (panchromatic) ORTA (orthochromatic) and an IC series film (isochromatic). Each film stock is currently at a different stage of development and Silberra are looking for keen film photographers and enthusiasts to help them release their product to a global market.

Upon hearing about this exciting new film campaign we got in touch with Silberra and spoke to Konstantin about their plans to produce and release a brand new film to the world. You can read our interview here and find out more about the Silberra brand. To support their campaign and pre-order your rolls of 35mm and 120 (medium format) film head to their IndieGoGo page by clicking the button below.



Issue 6 Open Call - Portraits on film.

Shoot Film UK began life in Lancashire in September 2016. We are dedicated to all things Film! We promote and support artists who shoot, use or write about analogue photography & collaborate in order to grow the Shoot Film UK creative community & bring like-minded people together through the love of film. We are continually accepting submissions from incredible international analogue artists, of which we feature through open calls for entries and interviews

Our aim is simple, we want to create a place where you can come and discover other photographers who Shoot Film and learn about new things like techniques, film stocks and cameras or the best places to process and develop near you. If there's something you want to know or something you know that you want to share, get in touch and let us spread the word. There's a reason we all still Shoot Film, we are on a journey to share that passion.


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