Open Calls

Submission Guidelines

Theme                                     Deadline

PORTRAITS ON FILM       June 1st 2018

Past Open Calls

Theme                                     Deadline

OVEREXPOSED                 December 5th 2016

HOME                                  February 1st 2017

INSTANT FILM                    August 1st 2017

OPEN THEME                     November 1st 2017

JUXTAPOSITIONS              March 1st 2018

Instagram Takeovers.


If you'd like the opportunity to take over our Film dedicated Instagram feed and share your work please email us at including an image from the series you wish to share along with your Instagram name and we'll provide you with a unique log-in between a 5 day week (Mon-Fri) where you will have full access to share your work to a growing community of analogue lovers and fellow photographers.

  • All artists must share film images owned by themselves.

  • A maximum of 12 posts per artist may be uploaded during the week. (We don't want to overload our followers with hundreds of images, keep it condensed and professional).

  • If you wish to add multiple images to a single post make sure they are all relevant to the post.

  • Log-in details will be provided on Sunday evenings (GMT+1 - German time) and log-in details will be changed on the night of the following Friday.

When Posting:

  • Start by introducing yourself with the first image, tell people about yourself, where you're based, your background in analogue photography and about the work you wish to share during the week. 

  • Don't forget to tell people where they can follow you and where to find your portfolios.

  • Where possible, add descriptions to the posts, tell the viewers about the content your posting and encourage questions.

The @shootfilmuk Instagram page will be regularly monitored and any content that jeopardises the profile or goes against Instagram policies will be removed without warning. Please consider your content carefully. Any work containing NSFW content must be appropriately censored. 

Artist Features

We love receiving work, whether it's a complete series or a single image! Send a maximum of 12 images following the specifications below and we'll be happy to share them with the community! If you're an organisation or fellow film community looking for extra exposure, get in touch to discuss ways to collaborate.

When sending work for consideration to our Artist Features section please include a short artists bio, description of work being submitted, link to online portfolio and any social media links you wish to share, we will then get back to you with a list of exclusive questions tailored to the submission which will be included in the feature with your images and relevant statements.

Open Calls

For each open call, every theme will result in a digital publication showcasing contributing artists from around the world (As we continue to expand we're hoping this will evolve into printed publications). Each artist is asked to submit a maximum of two images per open call, unless otherwise stated. To accompany the submissions please provide details including camera and film stock used, social media links and your town/city or country of residence.

Images should be saved at a minimum of 2000ppi and a maximum of 4000ppi on their longest side at 72dpi and saved as follows:

firstname_lastname_ImageTitle_01 etc

Please email files to

No zip files or oversized images will be accepted.

A small submission fee of £4 applies to each open call which can be made by clicking the button below.

What happens next?

Here's a breakdown of the process for open call publications:

  • Check here for the latest open call announcements. 

  • Choose the images you think are suitable for each open call theme.

  • Proceed to make payment of submission fee using the above secure link to PayPal.

  • Email your work to including payment ref. number.

  • Await confirmation email notifying you that your work is live in the gallery.

  • Promote your submission via social media, text message, carrier pigeon etc.

  • The more likes your images receive the better the chance of receiving goodies.

  • Once the publication is complete and live on ShootFilm.UK we will notify all contributors via email.

NB: Please note, Shoot Film UK - whilst continuing to expand and reaching thousands of viewers - is still relatively new to the online world. In the event of an open call issue not receiving enough submissions from participants to create a full publication, we will dedicate a special issue to those who have supported Shoot Film UK with their contributions of work, which will result in spotlight exposure throughout the site and on our social media accounts.