Issue #4 - Open Theme

Shoot Film UK 2017


20 International Artists

82 Pages


Artist Submissions:


Frequently asked questions

Will my work be included in issue #4 when I submit?

Issue #4 will be curated slightly differently to the first three issues. When you submit images to Issue #4 'Open Theme' your work will be displayed on our site but is subject to a juried decision whether or not it is then collated into the final publication.

How will I know if my work has been chosen for the final publication?

Once all submissions have been received and the final deadline has passed, we will then begin the selection process. We will then notify all sucessful contributors if their work has been selected to appear in the final publication.

The first three open calls were free, why is there now a submission fee?

We dedicate a lot of our free time to the upkeep and promotion of Shoot Film UK, this includes website maintenance, artist uploads and promotion and general graphic design of the site and publications. As Shoot Film UK enters its second year with a large community, continuing to expand the reputation of the platform means we also want to condense the content, producing a clean and professional aesthetic and offering our visitors consistency in the material we showcase. By requesting a small submission fee we will be able to continue the support and promotion of analogue photography. The fee will also encourage contributing artists to truly consider their submissions before sending their work to us, which will in turn ensure they are serious about how their work is represented within the current theme of each open call.

Can I submit more than two images?

No, sorry. As with all open calls we request just two images from each artist. This will help keep publication designs clean and tidy and allow equality in the final output.

I don't have PayPal, can I still submit?

Yes of course! It is possible to send payments through PayPal without an account with them. Simply follow the payment link in the open call and follow the steps. If you still struggle please visit the paypal support page.

What if I submit my work then change my mind?

No problem, although we cannot offer refunds for submissions we are happy to work with you and swap the submitted images at any time before the deadline.